RJO Submission Guidelines

  1. Original Articles
    These include randomized clinical trials, prospective and retrospective observational and interventional studies, questionnaire-based studies, and qualitative data-based studies.
    The word limit is 2500
    References limit 40
  1. Review Articles
    The word limit 2500
    References limit 40
  1. Case series or case reports
    There should be unique and rare entities that describe a new finding or a unique management strategy, which will add to the existing knowledge pool.
    Case series must contain a minimum of three cases and a maximum of 10 cases
    The word limit 1000
    References limit 10
  1. Ophthalmic image or Photo essay
    Ophthalmic image: One image or one formatted composite image with no more than 4 parts
    Photo essay: Max 5 images
    The word limit 500
    References limit 10
  1. Tables and Figures
  1. Table and figure numbers in Arabic letters (not Roman)
  2. Figure legends provided (not more than 50 words)
  3. Write the full term for each abbreviation used in the table as a footnote
  4. Language and Grammar
  5. Uniformly American English
  6. Write the full term for each abbreviation at its first use in the text separately unless it is a standard unit of measure.
  7. Check the manuscript for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • The references cited in the text should be after punctuation marks, in superscript with square brackets.
  • Authors should remove patients’ names from figures unless they have obtained informed consent from the patients.
  • Upload the images ONLY in JPEG (preferable) or TIFF format. The file size should be within 2MB in size while uploading
  • When you submit a COMPOSITE image consisting of several components, try and keep component images equal in size or at least maintain symmetry of pattern – square or a rectangle
  • Name (s) and surnames of authors with highest academic degree.
  • Author affiliations: Department, Institution.