From the Desk of President

Dr. Sanjiv Desai

Dear esteemed members of ROS
Thanks to all of you for giving me the honor of leading this society.

I have already made my priorities clear and working on them with the full support of our sincere and dedicated Hon. general secretary and the whole of the executive.

One of the important things is to streamline & revamp the languishing website. Hope this newer format is useful & more interactive.

I wish to do away with most of the paperwork like directory and other information by post & the society can work simply on the web.
This will save money as well as our environment.

We have also prepared the pool of PowerPoint presentations on
Various common ocular disorders of public health importance Once finalized we will distribute them to all of you.
I again assure you of more socially & academically oriented events in the coming year.


Dr. Sanjiv Desai

Hon. President,